The Company’s Background

In the early 70’s was the beginning of the new era of the corporation to venture into the property business. In those early times the corporation had already built and operated a medium class hotel with 20 rooms, a commercial building and several residential properties to be rented.

To establish a business in property, as in any other business, requires prudent financial and investment scheme to support the business. The corporation has a vast experience and has established integrity and a robust relationship with several highly reputable financial and investment institutions.

In line with that, in 1989, with its strategic partner in financial sector, it set up a securities company and the same year handled the preparation Initial Public Offering (IPO) PT. SOFYAN HOTELS shares, which was oversubscribed by 300 %.

Through the invaluable experience over the decades, the founders and the management of ARVA CORPORATION embrace its solidity in the property business, and since 1991 the corporation were seasoned and diversified to other supporting field that are needed for the property business in the thorough and integrated manner.

In its activities, the corporate acting as Design Consultant and Architect, General Contractor, Construction and Engineering Company for a variety of property projects such as hotels, office buildings and residential houses.

As an Integrated Property Business Company, the corporation has developed a division, which affiliated with strategic financial institution in the field of Project Financing, Capital Investment, and Financial Arrangement. In line with that, the corporate also has a division acting as a Full Service Hotel Management Company; consist of Hotel Management Consultant, Hotel Operator, Human Resources Development and Training Consultant, System and Information Technology Consultant

We are constant talks of organizational cultures, the family feeling, simplicity rather complexity and significant result orientation. In our corporation, we know the obvious; that the individual human being still counts.

We are expanding and growing our organization by taking note of his or her limits, strengths, commitment and enthusiasm. Guided by the ultimate orientation, our commitment to result, optimum economical value and services, Arva Corporation will bring prosperity and well-being to all, Insha Allah.

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